Your Walk …

History is, or should be, for everyone – find an old guidebook and start exploring your own history.

When me and my companion did the walk, we didn’t try and look at every single entry in Watts’s book, but we did follow her route and did stop and look at things that caught our eye.

These pages aren’t intended to be read start to finish; they’re to dip into, to use as a guide not as an instruction book; to stimulate thoughts and digressions and discussions.

Here’s some resources to help you on your way:

This copy of the The Map (0.3MB) was scanned from the facsimile of the book, printed in 1967.  The copy prints off well on A4 or A3 paper.  Here’s a Leicester Map – Watts 1804 (PDF) version, too.

We used the original map and a modern A-Z guidebook.  This google map:

… should help, too.