Audience / stakeholders

Who would be/were interested in this, and who would/did take part?  How would/did you get them involved?  Why was it/would it be important to them?

The portfolio and curated content is designed for a general interest audience; anyone curious about history generally, in particular the history of Leicester.

A potential route for the future development of the site, and the broadening of its audience, would be to seek support from Leicester Museums or the Visit Leicester.  This site could be one of a series, looking at key moments in the history of Leicester.

As an added bonus, anything that encourages walking as a form of physical exercise can only assist in the epidemiological crises of our time; obesity and deteriorating mental health.  Walking is gentle, accessible exercise and being outside can only be constructive for mental health, even in (or possibly especially in) an urban environment.  The other individuals you see, any may interact with, even in the briefest passing, are your neighbours in time and space.